Friday, July 29, 2005

Hmmm... weekly update?!

Ok, so it has been one week since I posted. I guess it's getting better than before. ;)

Here are 2 more pictures I took & printed. I really like the dew on the rose leaves. You have to see it in person to really appreciate it. I do have a few more negs I'd like to print. Some are from our recent trip up Bierstadt with some friends.

Shabbat Shalom!

Friday, July 22, 2005

What have I been up to?

So my last day at work was July 1 and my last post was a few days prior to that. Now that I have not been working for 3 weeks I have not posted. I guess that tells you what I was doing at work...

Let's see the TdF started on July 2 and I have been faithfully watching that every day. I have been riding my bike a lot. It has been sweltering hot, so fortunately I can ride earlier in the day than normal.

I also started taking a Photography class at Denver Darkroom. I am 3 weeks into the 4 week course and am really enjoying it. Here are a couple of my first prints. They are from the Parker Main Criterium on Saturday, July 16.

Not too bad if I say so myself. I have a couple of more to print, but when you are in the darkroom time goes by. It's like a black hole and kind of like sitting at a table in Vegas gambling.

It looks pretty darn clear that Lance will have #7. The time trial is tomorrow and the weather looks good, so he can go all out and finally win a stage this year. Not that it matters, but it would be nice to win a stage.